House arrest

If your on house arrest and on your way to work can they tell if you stop at mcdonalds on your way their

Answer #1

it has to be on your way to work

Answer #2

If you are on your way to work - it’s fine. You have a certain time frame that you are allowed to be on the road before you get to work. They do allow you to stop and get food on the way.

(I’ve been on house arrest before)

Answer #3

Sure can :P

Answer #4

Only if someone is watching out for you, but usually, with a conditional sentence you’re allowed a certain time frame to get from one place to another. Not to mention, when you’re allowed out for work they usually allow a leniency for you to take a lunch somewhere provided it doesn’t go against your terms (no alcohol, etc.)

The police themselves don’t usually spend time watching you - they’re too busy for that, but be careful of other people who may want to get you into trouble.

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