Do you love horses?

who loves horses?

Answer #1


Answer #2

me :)

Answer #3

Well…I sure do…I got my first one as a 9 year old for my birthday…She was a Morgan mare, who was also 9 years old…she died on our place at the ripe old age of 35. I now have two Tennessee Walkers…Waylon (my heart horse), and Sonny (my hubby’s horse)…they are half brothers…


Answer #4

OH OH OH I love them too. We (my family) have three quarter horses that we ride for fun. And my dad calf ropes. So does my brother (or at least he use to). And I used to barrel race, but I don’t anymore. I’m more interested in the working horses now, like on farms on stuff. The only thing I don’t like about horses is when they sneeze on you and when they step on your feet. <3

Answer #5

I do!:)

Answer #6

me I love horses :)

Answer #7

I absolutely LOVE horses! I have a 17 YO Appaloosa gelding - he’s blind, but he means the world to me.

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