Do you love horses?

I love horses do you love horses?

Answer #1

I love them. I just recently got over the fear of being around them but I always loved them. My brothers girlfriend is a hunter jumper and her horse Tucker is beautiful but he’s an equastrian jumper. anyways she took us up to one of her shows and I loved all the horses. she was the only one who went out in the most horrible thunderstorm ever to do her round. it was amazing.

Answer #2

I’m not too fond of horses ever since I saw someone kicked in the chest by a horse. I love cupcakes. they never kick ;]

Answer #3

I do, I loved them ever since I was like 2!!!

Answer #4

I Love Them! We Have Lots (Well At My Dads). My Horse Is Named Smooch. She’s So Pretty. Ha I <3 Horses!

Answer #5

The love of horses seems to be something the is within our souls

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