Do you believe in horoscopes and what do you think they symbolize?

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. Yes, I believe that horoscopes exist - I have seen them in the newspapers. . ….. They symbolize the gullibility of people who bother reading them in the hope of obtaining meaningful information and/or guidance. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise [ Leo and proud of it ] .

Answer #3

Definitely no.

Answer #4

as for me i dont follw them but i always see people reading them. when i ask them what they mean i dont get a reason that would make me want to read them.

Answer #5

I am not one to read horoscopes but I do believe the signs and their general meanings about a person. Like I am a cancer: which is intelligent, sensitive, puts others first, easily excitable, compatible with pisces and taurus.

Answer #6

Horoscopes are based on genealogical patterns. If you fit into the pattern then horoscopes are valid for you. If you are your own individual, horoscopes are foolhardy pattern-based rubbish.

Answer #7

Nah. The horoscope readings are so broud that it can obtain to anyones lives at the moment.

Answer #8

I believe that people born under particular signs have certain personality traits in common with others of that sign, however the daily horoscopes in my opinion are useless, impossible to be accurate and a waste of time to even consider.

Answer #9

Not at all.

Answer #10

thanks for the reply

Answer #11

I personally do believe in horoscopes. Mine seems to be right on key just about everytime I read it. (everytime meaning sometimes it can say something about the single life, and i’m not single, i’m engaged)

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