Can a felon have a nursing career?

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This would more so depend on the company that you are seeking employment with.

Generally, each company is different.. Certain companies
will simply consider within the last 5-7 years, others however may look across the whole board & view such records in it's entirety as a whole, in consideration.

Check into the Fair Credit Reporting Act..
Federal Trade Commission.
I will try & find the particular sections governing the laws applicable of the hiring process of a felon, though my browser keeps shut-ing down on me, I will e-mail you my results as soon as I finish the research.

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You could get lucky but your definately gonna have a hell of a time getting into programs first off, and then Finding an employer willing to take a risk on you is going to be harder. Bad enough if you have a misdemeanor you have to exsplain yourself a lot never mind a felony. And Even if you do find a job, then you will have to stay there forever, and have no choices for advancement to bigger and better facilitys. Sorry it may sound bad but Its better you know the truth before you pay for you education, if you haven't already!

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