Do you believe honesty is always the best policy?

Do you think you should be honest even if hurts someones feelings?

Answer #1

No, sometimes the cold hard truth can do more harm then good.

Answer #2

No. Sometimes a lie is best. Sometimes it just keeps the person’s feelings from getting hurt and it sometimes can prevent drama. And small lies aren’t bad. I always laugh when people say honesty is always the best policy cause I disagree

Answer #3

It’s best to always tell the truth, because if they find out later it won’t turn out well for the liar nor the person lied to.

Answer #4

No offense to anyone here…. I think everyone see’s it differently…and that is ok… I believe that honesty is always the best policy, just have to know how to break it in the right manner w/o sounding like an @ss.

I rather be told my poem sux and the reason they thought that then have someone sugar coat it & say hey its amazing when i myself know that it sux in the first place. It’s a trust issue. When you lie, no matter white or not it’s still a lie…so right there that person’s creditability went down the drain & i will never trust that person again! If you call yourself a friend…and are asked to go shopping to give your honest opinion & say look that looks amazing on you when deep down you know it doesnt…that is a messed up lie! I rather be told sweetie, your breasts are busting out of that dress then buy it & be told that by a guy…that would be humiliating and show me what a fake friend you are(not you as in you, I mean in general!)
What can I say…I hv issues with trust so for me… honesty is the only way i do it, but i also have tact so I am gnna do it in a tactful way…now that is way better then telling an awful lie & betraying someone I care about…friend or acquaintance as 1.

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Answer #6

IT IS because the truth will always come out. Even in the Holy Bible it says that what is kept secret will be shouted from the rooftops.

1 During that time a crowd of many thousands had gathered. There were so many people that they were stepping on one another.


Jesus spoke first to his disciples. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees,” he said. “They just pretend to be godly. 2 Everything that is secret will be brought out into the open. Everything that is hidden will be uncovered. 3 What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight. What you have whispered to someone behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops.”

Answer #7

Agreed here as well

Answer #8

I totally agree.

Answer #9

No. I think most of us lie a large amount of the time. Some things we think we really dont need to say. Sometimes because the things we think, we dont really feel deep down. And sometimes because it isnt necessary to say them. So I really dont like that blouse someone is wearing. Why is it necessary to express my opinion. If they ask, I dont have to lie. But I dont have to say I dislike it either. There are times I know I am just not in the mood to do something. But if I put it that way, I’d be hurting someone’s feelings. I see absolutely no reason to do that. I think lies are what lubricate society’s smooth functioning. Some things just need to be kept to yourself. I also think that ‘truth’ is a tricky thing. Just because you think something doesn’t make it true. Do people need to hear your version of the truth, not always. Sometimes it does a lot of harm.

Answer #10

Wow.. i think this is a very hard question because not everyone thinks the same someone might think its good to be completely honest while on the other hand it might not bw good because it could be hurting someone else…. so technically it depends on the situation! :)

Answer #11

i gues its ok2lie to avoid drama.. Bt if its a friend concernd..or any1 closely attached,i would b honest! Dats d only way d relatnship would go strong n faithful! If evryone folowd dat policy. The world would be a better place!

Answer #12

Agreed! =D

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