Am i getting ripped off?

My husband and I recently signed a lease to house sit for 2 years. The deal is this: We pay $400 a month, take care of their cat, garden, plants, home, yardwork, shoveling snow, etc. They pay for all the utilities. They don’t want us doing anything to the house (no nail holes, nothing). They want the house to be exactly the same when they return. We are also not allowed to use some of the rooms in the house, so that leaves us with a small one bedroom house. I was assuming the $400 a month payment would me to cover the utility costs, but here’s the catch: They are trying to tell us what temperature we can set the heat to. They insist that it has to be 61-62 at night while we sleep. Then no higher than 66-68 during the day. We are freeezing! Is it just me or is this totally ridiculous since we are paying them $400 to care care of their home and not allowed to control our own heat???

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yes, your being ripped off
what there doing isnt fair, there asking for too much and there not even lettng you use all of the house
as well as that you have to look after there pet...there garden, and the house, shovel snow, ect
somethng that YOU shouldnt really be paying THEM for
and thee probably so strict with money that they dont want you usng any more then they want, so they dont let you turn the heat up
they expect too much from you, and its almost impossible to have any house exactly how it was before if you let people live in it, so they really do expect too much
I would say it would be a good idea to find another house for lease

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I think that you awnsered your own question. Yes it is, and I wouldnt do it. That is ridiculous and I would re-think it and talk to them about it.
if they arent willing to work with you then just say no.

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wtf 400$ for 1 room ?
um yeah thats a rip off.

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