Who has ever tried a homemade pregnancy test?

i know they aren’t reliable but i was just wondering if it really works like the dandelions, bleach and pine sol. has anyone ever tried it aint it worked? or has anyone tried it and the supposedly pregnant results were false?

Answer #1

If you can buy one at the dollar store whats the point of going through all this to get a result that isn’t accurate.

Answer #2

Those sound like old wives tales to me. I’ve heard of the bleach and pine sol ones before. Just keep in mind that these products were designed to clean and not detect the hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. Especially in the case of bleach. Bleach kind of disassembles things on a molecular level. Mainly due to the fact that chlorine is very aggressive in gaining electrons. This would cause proteins to denature. Since hcg is a protein hormone, I would have to guess that if anything the bleach would destroy the very thing you look for in pregnancy detection…..So no. I doubt it would work.

Answer #3

P.S bleach + urine = toxic gas (bad idea)^2

Answer #4

Bahahahahahahahaha, this made me giggle. :D

Answer #5

In the old days pregnancy tests involved making a doctor’s apointment and proving a urine sample that was injected into a female rabbit. In a few days the rabbit was dissected to see if it’s ovaries had reacted to hCG hormone that would be present in pregnant woman’s urine.

Back when pregnancy tests required so much time and effort many folk tests were thought up. None actually worked but people who didn’t want to have to go to the doctor and wait days for the result were desperate to try anything.

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