What are some home remedies to help an ear infection?

I’m going to the doctors soon…In the mean time, is there anything to help the pain and some ear congestion? Please and Thank you! :)

Answer #1

take pain medication, i got one at a sporting event. Worst thing ever. So just take something to relieve the pain before you can get into the doc.

Answer #2

Believe it or not what would always help my sister was my mom blowing ciggarette smoke in her ear. Ever since my mom did that like 2/3 times to her my sister never got an ear infection again.

Answer #3

Take your hair dryer and set it on warm and blow it into your ear, then put pepper on a cotton ball and put it in your ear. Also take some tylenol or excedrine.

Answer #4

Lay on your side with the infected ear facing up, drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into your ear and sit there for a few minuets. Don’t try and wash out your ear or dry it after, just leave it alone

Answer #5

Always clean your ear with buds once in 3 days and take oil bath twice a day. clean your ear with mineral water and do not use any medicine without considering any doctor. Consult any ENT doctor once in 4 months

Answer #6

Thanks Everyone! :D

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