What are some homemade gift ideas?

What are some good home-made gift ideas? My best friend just turned 14 and I want to do something special for her, but I don’t have a lot of money to spend so I wanted to make her something really cute!! Any suggestions? (btw she really likes Disney)

Answer #1

Make a scrapbook page of you and her and frame it! You can find cute cheap frames at a lot of places! Even the dollar store!

I make recipie books for my friends- But I guess since she is 14 a recipie book wouldnt interest her… lol :)

Answer #2

scrap book? can you paint or draw? (Even if you cant, which I cant…) you know stick pictures in it of the two of you? or make a frame and stick a picture of the two of you?

Answer #3

Yeah, a necklace or a bracelet. That’s pretty common, I know. But, I just made my friend this one. It’s a really simple design. Plus, you could get a disney charm of some sort, and a small metal loop and put it on the item you choose to make.

Answer #4

I’m not sure if you can tell but this is actually sort of woven..it’s so super simple to make.

Answer #5

Draw her a picture of her favourite Disney character… if you don’t have a lot of artistic ability… go to wal-mart, and look for the Giant Disney poster sized colouring books… they are usually pretty cheap. and then spend some time colouring her a picture.

Go to a dollar store, and buy a bunch of Disney stickers, and a binder, and cover the front with the stickers… maybe spell her name out with them, or something in the middle.

gather some of your favourite pictures of the two of you together, and make her a “best friend” collage on either a piece of posterboard, or in an inexpensive frame. maybe include some of your special ‘secret things’.. ie: your in jokes, and things/memories that you have shared together… things that are important to just the two of you.

write her a letter, telling her just how important she is to you, and why… remind her of all the special times you’ve shared, and what they have meant to you.

Answer #6

I agree, a beaded necklace or bracelet is easy, and relatively inexpensive to make. Another option is printing out the net for a box, make up the box, put pictures of Disney characters on it, and make it up. Then you could make some handmade chocolates to put inside. (I have some really good recipes if you want to funmail me) :)

Answer #7

buy wooden letters that spell out their name, and just paint and decorate them with jewels, stickers, anything that fits their personality is cool.

Answer #8

My best friend is 14 and I made her a paper basket for her birthday(i found how to make it on youtube) and then baked some mini choc-chip cookies and filled the basket. My best friend loved it. I also included a homemade card. I also really like this idea but I’m not artistic enough to make it [link removed] Hope I helped. (:

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