Holy water/normal water

What is the difference between holy water and normal water?

Answer #1

I dont even have any money

Answer #2

holy water is blessed by god. normal water is, well just normal…o.o

Answer #3

one is blessed by a priest and the other is every day run of the mill water

Answer #4

Holy water is sold by charlatans, and is hence much more expensive.

But if you really want to spend the big bucks, you should get ‘concentrated water’: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/06/29/AR2008062901872.html?hpid=sec-business#

Answer #5

Yeah… holy water is really just a hoax… ‘HEAVY water’ is the good stuff.

Answer #6

Holy is water is water that has been blessed by a servant of the God of Creation, it is used in many religious ceremonies. Such as baptizing new borne s or casting out evil spirits from your person or home. That is the only difference that I know of.

Answer #7

Holy water is an excuse to splash water into your face and call it a blessing without you getting pissed off.

Kind of like a baptism “pool?” Lots of blessed water, they submerge you in… and you come back up good ‘n happy… I don’t get it, lol.

Answer #8

holy water has been blessed by a priest normal water hasn’t

Answer #9

…one burns vampires, the other just drowns them.

Answer #10

They’re both H2O. There is no difference.

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