Are the clothes from Hollister expensive?

Are the clothes from Hollister expensive? I usually just buy clothes from Target or Walmart so I don’t know.

Answer #1

yea they kinda are sweater are 50-60 dollers shirts are 25 dollars and I dont know about the jeans because they are not worth the price cloth shorts are like 35 dollars coats are 80-120 dollars

Answer #2

a little. depends on what your idea of expensive is. its all perspective. For the average consumer yes a little. I have been in some places shopping and walked right out because a t-shirt was over $800.00 so…hollister usually ranges with tshirts around 15.00 on sale to 50.00 button up collar. for mens. cute stuff in there though. definately fits your body shape better than tarhet or walmart. Although target is moving up a little:)

Answer #3

a little tshirt is 15 it is expensive 40 for hoodie that are on sale

Answer #4

Yeah - and in my opinion, not worth it.

Answer #5

they have a lot of sales

Answer #6

it isnt worth it^^

Answer #7

Yes they kinda are,most of the time they ‘’sometimes’’ have clerance but yea there cloths are expensive but very stylish.

Answer #8

yea they are and their clothes are cheap made(tear easily,holes,loose threading ) so I have learned I would stick with target are if you want that preppy/teen look go with abercrombie but there like 2 times more exspensive. I wish I could shop at target because their clothes are cute but theres not 1 near me

Answer #9

“Stylish”? You can get the same thing from Walmart, It just wont say “Hollister” on it, all you buy from Hollister is the logo.

Answer #10

hollister is not expensive if it is to you,you must be like broke because there shirts are like 15 bucks and at wetseal there 20 dollars so like think about it HOLLISTER is awesomme and its a spin off of abercrombie

Answer #11

Npee iwear idd all thaa time.! <3

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