I have a light bleeding and it's not my period

okay so two days ago my boyfriend put it in once put pulled out cause it hurt so that was that but now too days later I have a light bleeding and it’s not my period what could it be?

Answer #1

Your hymen must have ripped. Sometimes when it’s the first time for a girl their hymen which is the ‘’cherry’’ will tear or ‘’pop’’ as most people say it which will cause bleeding to happen. It’s quite possible that it didn’t tear completely the first time and maybe a movement that you made caused it to completely tear later on.

Answer #2

just stop asking dumb questions, really its annoying.

Answer #3

when you break into skin like your hymen itll make you bleed. You will probably bleed and be uncomfortable at least the first 10 times you have sex. As long as its light bleeding its normal.

Answer #4


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