History of my house???

How can I find out the history of my house. Like say if any murders or deaths happened there

Answer #1

how old is your house

Answer #2

generally your local courthouse may have records along that line.

your local library as well- they should have newspapers on microfish you could look through.

the ‘elders’ in your community may also be able to help you with this, and they would most likely benefit from the company and the conversation. find some of the older folks and ask them if they know any town history- the older people are an untapped resource of knowledge- and you just may make a friend or two during your search.

Answer #3

Go the the county courthouse to the property records area and check the deed records. When you bought the house you should have gotten a chain of title, showing who owned and financed the house. From there you can do research owner by owner, in the library, local newspapers or other court records.

Answer #4

County records would be the best way to start the process to learn about the history of your house.

Answer #5

Thanks for that info. something I should have thought of :-)

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