What color streaks should I get in my hair?

I want o get streaks/highlights but I don’t know what shade to go. I don’t want it to blend so much, my hair is golden brown, more or less and I want a sort of goldenish/sandy blonde highlights/streaks. But I don’t know how many I should have? :[

Answer #1

I have the same shade of hair and I think with our color hair, only one streak would look good. If you want to go different colors like purple, then grab some of that color felt or something that may look good in your hair and you pick. I think I am gonna go with pink!

Answer #2

Maybe something here will help: totalhair.net

Answer #3

2076 views and no one could answer this ? wow.. its been 4 years… I would have said ask the hair dresser, she would know what to do with it.

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