What color streaks to get in my hair?

Ok I have to my shoulders I guess I could say Brunnetteish Redheadish Auburn hair. And it curls on its own. I really need a straighener. I am thinking about getting bangs infront insted of side bangs. and I need to know what color streaks I should get. Im thinking about purple or blue. But I would love to hear some other colors. Im getting this done for my 15th birthday on the 31st of this month.

Answer #1


If it’s between purple and blue, I think purple would go better with auburn (less clashy). But if you could pick ANY color, I’d vote for golden blonde, kind of like this picture I found on Google Images.

Hope that helps.

Answer #2

I have reddish hair [dyed] and i put blonde in it but im thinking about recoloring the blonde streaks to purple, so do purple!

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