Will my hair take blonde highlights?

I have got dyed brown hair. it is really washed out. the roots are about 1inch long. I want to get blonde highlights but will my hair take it?? will it go blonde??? ginger?? green?? I will go to a salon…but would loke some help first. My hair is naturally about the colour which it is dyed…plus this pik makes the colour look darker!

Answer #1

yes its fine.. if you go to the salon they will probably first fill out the roots coming out in brown and then give you highlights.. no your hair will not get a green color… when i got mine.. it looked like it was turning green but thats just in your head so don’t worry. Plus at a salon they know how to treat your hair and what colors to blend so don’t worry you will be fine =D

Answer #2

i think you should definetly go to a salon. and i don’t think you should get blonde highlights. they wouldn’t look right with your skin or your hair.

Answer #3

Use beutician grade peroxide Not bleach, bleach can do some major damage to your hair.

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