Does the US have the highest ratio of obesity in the World?

Answer #1

I believe so.

Answer #2

Yes I think so

Answer #3

I don’t know if the US has the highest ratio, but I know that it’s a problem that is increasing more and more.

Answer #4

Well I have been looking online, I know when I pick up my kids from school I see kids that are out of breath from walking from the door of the school to the parking lot. I think it is very sad and I blame the parents of these kids for this.

Answer #5

I would like to see if anyone knows of valid online resources.

Answer #6

Does not help.

Answer #7

Does not help.

Answer #8

According to this, there are several Oceanic nations that rank ahead of the United States in body mass indices, but the U.S. is in the top 10 globally:

Answer #9

1 United States: 30.6%

2 Mexico: 24.2%

3 United Kingdom: 23%

4 Slovakia: 22.4%

5 Greece: 21.9%

6 Australia: 21.7%

7 New Zealand: 20.9%

8 Hungary: 18.8%

9 Luxembourg: 18.4%

10 Czech Republic: 14.8%

11 Canada: 14.3%

12 Spain: 13.1%

13 Ireland: 13%

14 Germany: 12.9%

= 15 Portugal: 12.8%
= 15 Finland: 12.8%

17 Iceland: 12.4%

18 Turkey: 12%

19 Belgium: 11.7%

20 Netherlands: 10%

21 Sweden: 9.7%

22 Denmark: 9.5%

23 France: 9.4%

24 Austria: 9.1%

25 Italy: 8.5%

26 Norway: 8.3%

27 Switzerland: 7.7%

= 28 Japan: 3.2%
= 28 Korea, South: 3.2%

Answer #10

Thank you for the link.

Answer #11

The other link showed us at number 9, but here we are number one.

Answer #12

Both links define obesity as BMI over 30, but the link I posted includes people ages 15 and higher. I’m not sure about the age classification in this one, it might just be the population overall. Also, this link is from the OECD with data from 2002-3. The other one, which has the U.S. at #9, is from the WHO, with data from 2007.

It was interesting to me to note that China’s obesity rate has tripled since 1992. Obesity is tied to culture and diet, but it’s also tied to economic success!

Answer #13

Sadly, yes.

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