what better a g.e.d or high school diploma if am like 3 years behind?

Answer #1

High School Diploma, it might not matter to you now but it will in the future. Take it from someone that thought it was a good idea to drop out of school to be a bartender and go get a GED later. I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I did not have a diploma. Funny thing was I was a year away from graduation.

Answer #2

I’d say GED if your that far behind then go to college and do your pre reqs. I got my GED and it’s not caused me any problems whatsoever.

Answer #3

High school diploma… if your only 3 years behind id recommend you go back and get your diploma.. You will learn alot more that may help you in the long run and employers acknowledge and respect it more than a GED in most cases… but either would be a great idea.. GED is less time consuming, so that is an advantage, yet if you have the time, seriously consider going back to school.

Answer #4

I have a GED, but then I wanted to join the Army and I had o go to college and get 18 college credit hour. That was no problem, then after the Army I started with Verizon wireless as a engineer because of the tech school I went to in the Army. I now have my BS in Network Communication Management, and am working on my MBA in Project Management. Nobody cares that all I have is a GED, and I do not think you need a high school diploma to be successful.

Answer #5

I want home schooled as a child, and I feel that most places counted this as a GED, I had trouble getting in college, and the military would only let me go in the reserves. I think if you don’t get your high school diploma you need to go to college.

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