High on Milk

my friends were fooling around on the bus and said that milk can make you high, and they were like “hey lets google ‘milk’ and see if it can make people get high” but im 2 lazy 2 google, soo ill just ask anyone this one question…can milk make you high?

Answer #1

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA what the hell.

if you ever have any questions about drugs consult www.erowid.org . it is the most comprehensive, factual website about drugs and their effects out there, giving you both pros and cons. it even has first hand experiences of what to expect.

and no, milk cannot get you high

Answer #2

HAHAHA NO, not even close … milk won’t do anything but give you stronger bones lol

Answer #3

No… unless the cow was on crack… even then, I don’t think you could get high.

Answer #4

… :( … When I saw the title of this post I almost ran to the fridge and crabbed the carton. lol

Answer #5

ok because my friend was all like “hey everyone im high on milk!” and everyone’s like “what?” lol

Answer #6

yep the cow their milk came from was probably on crack :) only jokin :) there is no way you can get drunk off milk… it makes you full and lazy as bad2dabone se :) x

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