what does "high and dry" mean?

i know(Well, love) the song High and Dry by Radiohead, and in some songs, i’ve heard the term, but what is it? lol is it about sex? because thats what i was kinda guessing..or i could be wrong

Answer #1

It means u have been left with no options and no way out. Like they say up the creek without a paddle

Answer #2
  1. Left helpless in a situation because you aren’t given something you need or were promised (a ride, a delivery, sex, moral support, help in a fight…)

  2. To be under the influence of marijuana, but not alcohol.

Answer #3

highmeans- like u did w**d and u get high like u have no clue wats going on arundU and ur feel like ur flying And dry means – like if i diss u up tht means u felt dry Mbasically means u felt stupid of wat i jst did to u

Answer #4

HIGH AND DRY, one more take on the saying- you can be high and dry on a night on the town having gotten drunk and running out of alcohol (or money for alcohol) this would be the more common usage of the phrase like the song by def leppard- high and dry.

Answer #5

It basically means like, you got kinda screwed over. Or like used.

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