Gain weight is there sate way to lose weight.

I wish I could look pretty is there and person that could help me. And I gain weight is there sate way to lose weight.

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thanks to all of you

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a safe way to lose weight? exercise and eat healthy food.
but from that photo you really don't seem to need to lose any weight!!

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judging by your photo you look healthy enough. I guess the weight loss thing has been addressed above but in regards on how you should look prettier you should just go for it. go outside your comfort zone and do something dramatic. spend a little extra time on your hair and make up and wear the latest trend. I know it sounds extremely vain but this is only in response to your question... just remember you are pretty you just need to learn how to work it:)

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I just want to say that you dont look like you need to loses weight...but if you must try eating 1400 calories a day of healthy food and exercise around 45minutes to an hour a day. It wont be immediate but its safe and you wont gain it back immediately like you would if you went on a starvation diet. hope I helped (: good luck

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do everything in moderation. I suggest going for a jog each morning, or joining a swimming class. anything that you think is fun and gets you active. also try to eat smaller poritons of any unhealthy foods. don't try a fad diet, they almost always backfire in one way or another. I also think that you would look very pretty with bangs, so you should give that a whirl. remember, god loves you and cares about you very much, and he has blessed you with everything you have. :) good luck!

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try eating 5 meals a day, obviuosly smaller portion and it should be every two hrs in between every four hrs you have to eat like a yogurt or a cheese stick. and portions like the special k diet I went with a doctor to give me a diet and it works fast if you do it right and excersise like 30 mins every day or at least 3 days a week. get at me if want some of the daily food she told me to eat. im not a heavy person just some extra prbbly like u.

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listen, just eat right exercise, eat only 1 dessert a day. Dont work urself all the time, or get plastic surgery dont do that to urself!!!=)

I HOPE that HELPED!!!=)

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I think you look fit :)

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