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Here are mine, anyone other theorys out there?

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About 10 years ago I noticed something to be quite perplexing about the bible. With all of the prophecies concerning the end times how can the people look at the judgments and not see this a clear act of G-d? I have two questions for you, and two answers I would like some input as to weather or not you agree or if you have another theory that you would like to offer.

Have you noticed what global warming claims and consequences are eerily similar to the judgment bowls of G-d? Would it be safe to assume that to turn people away from the bible in the future is to indoctrinate them now with an explanation?
Take a look: Sores and boils from the first judgment bowl will be just a happy coincidence no doubt and played down as a side effect from all the bad pollution that we have put into the atmosphere. The sea will turn to blood. This will happen first because a lot of commerce from our ships are on the sea. Oil drilling and transporting will get the blame. Eventually it will spread to the rivers and streams, probably a chemical reaction from acid rain once it reaches fresh water below. The sun will be given power to scorch men by fire. (Obvious connection with global warming there) Total darkness judgment will probably be accredited to debris in the atmosphere blocking the sun. The Euphrates river will then dry up which would probably be associated with evaporation and drought. The final one will be earthquakes and hail on a massive level which we already know Bush/Chenny oil drilling will take the blame for.

Now we come to the specific actions of the A-C. Now it would seem to me that the A-C would try to avoid doing anything in the word of G-d. So what are your thoughts, do you think that perhaps all avoidable prophecies will occur before the indwelling of Satan? After all Satan does know the word of G-d and the original host may not know the word at all.

And yes I know some of you don’t believe in G-d, you don’t have to comment because I already know who you are. You make it abundantly clear on all the religious posts. Just ask that you keep an eye on this stuff and be very careful of Javier Solana and article 666.