Can i get pregnant from my own cum?

I had a orgasm but my partner did not. Can I get get pregnant from my own cum?

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Dear, I love your inocence and your sincere concern. You could only get pregnant if one of your eggs gets impregnated by sperm. You say you had an orgasm. Did you have it during making out and his penis was no where near your vagina. then you couldn't get pregnant. If he inserted or even had the tip of his penis near your vagina you could be impregnated. Sperm are very little swimmers and wiggle there way to the egg. On the other hand, you are blessed that you had an orgasm. Congrats. - - Good Luck - - Gino

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wtf no the hell u can not hahaha sorry to laugh but that waz a funny question

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Wtf... Girl, do you know the basics of the human body, and reproduction in particular?!?!? You need to read up on that. Go to Wikipedia. Now!

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