I need different ways of doing my hair and make up

I need a different look, I hate keeping the same look for too long, I need different ways of doing my hair and make up and I would like to dye my hair a goldeney brown colour but I have dark brown hair would it still take if I used normal hair dye or should I get it done pofessionly ?x

Answer #1

professionally. it comes out better. and sometimes with normal hair dye from the store,since you have darker brown hair it might not come out as light as you want it. but it all depends on how dark your hair is.

Answer #2

you can do it with normal hair dye. but can you help me now? haha. I hear a lot if I get like a million streaks it will look the same as dying it. will it???

Answer #3

I’d get it done prfessionaly. that way theres not much of a chance of a mess up. =]

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