if a guy s penis is too big and hurts will i stretch?

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get a waterbase kit at a local drug store it stretches out your vagina

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tough one to call that.. some ppl have all the happiness with their other half, and then they have sex, and sexual tension happens, cos the mans penis is too big for the vagina.. x I mean the more u have sex obviously the wider the vagina will get, but thats a lot of pain in the process x

I dont think there's much a person can do... hope someone can correct me if im wrong... and Blackbrent, i know ur gonna say somit wacko so everyone apart from him (",) x thanks x


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There's no penis too big for a vagina. Remember, a vagina has to be able to stretch enough to fit a baby, so unless your guy's penis is bigger than a baby, you should be fine. You're probably new to sex or not very experienced, so your vagina hasn't stretched yet. In the beginning it's very tight and hurts even when a finger is inserted. This is normal and doesn't mean that you can only fit a finger size penis in there. Take your time, keep exploring and practicing, and you'll stretch enough. Just don't forget the lube.

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Some ladies are jealous now and cannot sleep :)))

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