Should I go to a normal boarding school?

Ok so I started school again and I got about a year and a half to go, but now that I restarted I realized that I really missed a lot in 1 term and that im way behind the others and its going to be difficult as hell to catch up !! Now im second guessing my self that I the decision I made was the right one, putting in mind that I missed a lot and it will be hard to catch up in to do my gcses in time !! I am now thinking if a normal boarding school that goes up to sixth form will be the best !! Help, what do you think I should do ??

Answer #1

okay calm down first do the most important things like projects ,essays. quizzes. And then do the least things last. But also do a lot of extra credit because since you only have 6 months to go you are going to need some extra help if you can’t complete you make-up work

Like I go to a magnet school and one day I got really sick and missed a whole week.and missing one day at my school is like missing two at a regular school. But I did all my quizzes and tests and other major work and coudn’t make up my regular work and my average was a 72.5 but I also asked for extra credit and now my average ia an 89.2 so whatever you do do the extra credit.

                                                Any more questions feel free to ask
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