have asthma and it's getting a little hard for me to breathe?

okay so I am at a friends now and I have asthma and it’s getting a little hard for me to breathe and I need it kinda. and I don’t have it what else can I do. please help thanks Madddy

Answer #1

ok first off, no panicking… that will set off the asthma… just sit down and shut your eyes and relax. I’ve gotten through entire nights this way. Dont lie down as this will cause trouble. Now keep breathing, and try and empty your mind… You will need to call your parents though, I dont know how you’re going to be able to sleep without it… (and if you do attempt it, sleep as upright as possible, lay on the pillows)

Answer #2

I have an inhaler and there all like sleeping I guess and my house is in east hampton and she lives in greenwich I came here for like a sleepover I am like freaking out. I don’t want to like wake them up though

Answer #3

Call your parents to bring your puffer if you have one - or get her parents to take you to your house to get it.

Answer #4

right go to the bathroom and put hot water in the bath or basen. put a towel over your head and breath the steam slowly in. take deep breathes, if it does not get better then you will have to wake them to get you to a hospital and get a puffer there, or you will just end up there anyway.

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