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Help to draft the below english letter

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I need help in drafting the below email:


Below are the details of issue(I am not very good at writing long emails so kindly overlook any mistakes):

Since we have moved to au in 2007, I have been observing and it has become a daily routine that I get early in the morning , have to make my breakfast, iron my clothes and then leave for office. Earlier, tn use to get up about 1-2 times a week. But now in the last about one year month that has completely stopped and she gets up after 10 - 11am (when yb wakes up). I don't like to wake her up to make breakfast etc...also, it is possible that after her pregnancy, it might be difficult for her to get up early so I have never asked or forced her to do so ...but I can expect from her to at least get up once or twice a week or show some kind of it not her responsibility to take care of her husbands food and clothes?

Sn gets up after 10:30 -11am and then his breakfast finishes by 1or 2pm. At this age , sn needs to have a healthy breakfast (with egg, milk, meat etc ) , she has never made anything (or in fact she has never made any effort to learn to prepare something healthy breakfast for sn).

Sometimes when I get a chance to go home for lunch break, most of time I find that food is not cooked and had to return with some snacks or egg...after several times insisting her to learn to cook something which I like but she is least bothered. Until now she has not learnt about my like/dislikes and never made effort to do so. You cannot imagine as most of the time the food is not of my liking or taste...I have stopped telling her to improve on this and she is least bothered to do that...

After my lunch break, she start feeding snbut by that time sn has already eaten chips or chocolate and he is not hungry to eat the food... Then after she tries to feed him and the process takes about 3-4 hours...

In the evening when I return from office (late after 7pm) , I see that nothing has moved. All items on the dinning table remain unmoved, kitchen remain untouched etc..

Kitchen , bathroom and house is left uncleaned for weeks...even though I have given her maid number to call and get her to clean the house but no heed. On the contrary she says that getting maid to clean the house add more to her work !!!... The maid charges about 70 usd per 2 hours of work.

I have been asking to make roti for myself and sn once in a week but she never did so...several times I brought wheat but was thrown into waste bin.

Most of time (at least 3-4 times a week), I have to get the food from restaurant...

I don't agree that this is routine of every house. I feel this is complete mis-management and it is really making me mad.

Also, she argues on everything , related to sn or any other thing...she should learn to understand how to talk and respect her husband..

She is only considered about her land in btn and about gold jewellery and any future investments etc

I fought for her with my parents and this is what I am getting in return? For more than a year, I use to drive to bai for her driviling license...and also considering the amount and time spent on it...was that part of my basic responsibilities? But I did because I care for her.. But she is least bothered about my sacrifices which I have made for her...

When she was staying in my parents house, she had complained about overloaded with household and now what is her problem?

She doesn't even care forme as if I am nothing???