How do I hack into a computer's deleted history?

how do I hack into deleted history on a computer? I really need to know it’s for nothing bad other than a piece of mind. please help thnks

Answer #1

Other than the answers here:

And here:

You can take the computer to a data recovery specialist, which will run a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, to get what was on the disk, previously, if it’s been deleted.

Answer #2

In fact, there are many methods for resetting/recovering Windows password, but notice, most of these methods just can reset/recover Windows local administrator or standard user password. A workable method to recover domain password is using

Windows Password Rescuer Advanced.

By use this software, you can click Add User button to add a new user to your Windows when you can not find target user. Refer to Create a new user section for more information. With this New user account you can copy important data from the locked computer if you want to reinstall your Windows system at last.

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