How can I find deleted history on a computer?

How can I get into my computer to locate the deleted history?

Answer #1

I don’t think you can. When its deleted, its deleted from the computer altogether, unless you delete images and documents which will go to the Recyle Bin and if you want them back, you can go in the Recycle Bin and recover them and they will be sent back to your documents.

Answer #2

when you delete stuff id doesnt get tossed its put on the computer as hidden you can always restore your computer to a earlier date to retrive stuff as well if you have that option

Answer #3

Can you guys tell me how can I check Msn chat history when it has been deleted from the computer , we are using a network of small computers.

Answer #4

how to delete photos from hotmail account

Answer #5

Go in your cookies. Unless those were deleted.

Answer #6

how can I view my deleted history

Answer #7

recyle bin

Answer #8

I don’t know how to get back the deleted picture from computer.. somebody can share your comment? I need it… thanks

Answer #9

have you tried to poop them out

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