I have sort of low self esteme and getting lower

hi im 13 and I weigh 200 pounds I have sort of low self esteme and getting lower I keep thinking that I never have a chance with girls and that ill be lonly for the rest of my life so if you could please look at the picture I posted and tell me your honest feeling and what you think could help me loose weight thank you

Answer #1

K, im a girl and really, you dont look that bad. If your self esteem sucks Diet healthy and exercise. Dance`in works when your bored of other things. And people shouldnt just look at your outter beauty. When pplz hate on you or anyone else ya it sucks but they only do it b/c they are lame and have a prob with them self. Making other people feel bad makes them feel alittle better. And if you dont have self esteem and have a girl your going to get the wrong kinda girls. Good luck. Keep that head up!!! :)

Answer #2


  1. Do you got a pic of your face? 2)If your overweight, you will lack confidence, others pick up on your insecurity and are often repelled by it( honestly isn’t it more fun to hang out with a confident person than a sad one? yes) so, losing weight by excersizing and dieting will make you feel better about yourself and others will sese this 3)If they make fun of you, understand that there is something wrong with them,something’s off when one derives pleasure from picking on others, so don’t base your self worth on what twisted people say
  2. You need to be happy with yourself before dating, potencial girlfriend’s are not gonna want to date you for the forementioned reason, insecure means potencially needy and jealous my advice: try to get fit for reasons beyond social acceptance, do it because you want to be healthy, and look good (its hard to feel good without feeling confident about your appearence), once you feel better about yourself physically, your mental state will improve, people will notice and respond(not to mention people usually have a great deal of respect foe those who get fit, your determination will bring not only compliments but opportunities to start conversations and allow girls to see the posotive personality aspects)
Answer #3

Truthfully, I feel that you should be more focused on getting your self esteem together before trying to get a girlfriend. Your only 13 join some outside of school teams like flag football, baseball, heck you could even join a swim team if your good at swimming. Get together with some friends and just have fun running around playing basketball.Anything active that you enjoy doing will help you lose weight quickly and the good thing about it is that you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even realize your losing weight until you go to put your clothes on and they don’t fit…Once you start to feel good about your self it will show and girls fall for guys with confidence but don’t become conceded once you get the girls because they will leave and you’ll only attract the wrong kind of females. Hope my advice helped you in some kind of way if anyone has anymore questions I’m here to help

Answer #4

hey its okay just talk to your docter about what you can do to help you lose weight I’ve been made fun of before cause im short but I cared at first but then I thoughtto my self whats so special about being tall so I dont care anymore. so dont worry about what people say.if people say something justthink about whats so special about them. but if your 13 and over weight it is very dangerous your have to watch what you eat and if you go shopping for food or something try to stay away from supermarkets cause youll be tempted to ask to buy something. so when ever your mom goes to the store tell not to buy anything unhealthy. so like that when ever your hungry you’ll just have to eat what ever you have in your house. lol I’ve tried and it works I get mad but I no its better for me.

Answer #5

hey dude I was like that before even worse I think,I couldn even walk down town I was so nerves and paranoid etc etc but diet a bit hers a website that I use to help me during my work out in gym>>www.muscleandstrenght.com<<its really good..and as I got older my weight began to drop off me so diet a bit and ina year or less send me another picture and I bet you will be like a stick ;) and I am now 16 I go to gym every day and I am doing weights and I love body building,, and I love my body

another thing I dunno if you get mocked or not but if you do just laugh and say yeah what ever and they will stop thats what I did

and the girl issue dude dont let your weight bring you down , all you need is confidance and you wil be grand

dude best of luck hope I helped !!

piece man … be cool

Answer #6

seriously if your nice and sweet, and not disgusting, then if you like dropped about 50lbs then seriously you would have a shot at some girls.

Answer #7

watever some girls judge more on inner beauty haha if you were nice enough id date you:)

Answer #8

just diet and exercise it may not sound like fun but youll look better feel better and have a higher self esteem during the whole process, good luck!

Answer #9

fcuk them haters bro lifes a game you can be a winner or a sucka, winners learn from others, help the next man and are true to themselves, course your gonna get bullied like we all have but learn why you get bullied and dont make the same mistake lack of confidence is a major target for bullying, and a sucka is a dude who makes the same mistakes brings down the next man and follow the leader to be the cool kids, and im one of them cool kids because I’ve learnt, been there for peeps and did what the fcuk I wanted to do, and I’ve had a hardtime in school a quiet social life and now im the oppisite

Answer #10

young chap I used to be fat too may even more than you and even tho it was never something I got picked on it was just a part of me so you should have as much confidence as the next man, as I was saying I was mad fat and then over 2 months I lost it all and got a 6pac now if you can work hard for just 60 days meaning walking everyday for long periods not eating snacks nor irregular eating hours, eat healthy low fat foods, and honestly if your fat or skinny people dont look at you they just see you as corey and when you lose the weight youll be the new corey so dont be ashamed because theres nothing to be ashamed of its all in your head, so go for that 2 month challange and get to me with that 6pac ;)

Answer #11

Ok I almost never post on these, but I think you’re really cute. ANd in a few years, you will grow taller and the weight lifting will pay off. Just ignore the people until then. Trust me, you’re not ugly.

Answer #12

well if you dont have the patience or motavation to lose the weight you could always play sports like football…

Answer #13

o and I also lift wright and get mocked

Answer #14

here are the photos

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