What does it mean when your boobs itch?

What does it mean when your boobs itch?

Answer #1

It means their growing.But dont itch it or else your boobs will turn out ugly.Hope this helped.

Answer #2

Did you change your laundry soap? A new one can irritate you if you’re allergic. That’s all that I can think of!

Answer #3

I meant guy, lol

Answer #4

it means your breast are growing here go to this website and they will tell you all about it http://www.007b.com/breast_development.php

Answer #5

since your only 16, your breast still have time to grow. This means discomfort for many girls. another symptom of growing breasts is tenderness. If your breasts can get quite painful just by pressing on them, or bumping them softly, then you most likely are just growing breasts. There are creams at pharmaceutical stores for irritation, this should do fine. But if you are really concerned with it, there is no harm in asking your mother or doctor.

Answer #6

There’s a bunch of things. jess and drama queen both have good ideas too.

  1. bra.
  2. irritation from laundry detergent, lotion, etc.
  3. the skin is dry
  4. just a natural itch.
  5. bug bites/poison ivy

hope that helped a little

Answer #7

Ummm, maybe a rash or somthing, I wouldnt know,(just cause im a gut, duh) But try typing a search on goole or go to the doctor, good luck!

Answer #8

I obviously looked this up on google because I’m having the same problem. My boobs itch real bad and my nipples are sore. My mom told me her boobs only itched when she was pregnant. I haven’t had my period in a month, but I’ve never had sex. That is why this statement stumps me. Note that I’m only fifteen too, so, I’m not like an old hag or something. Help?

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