I think I'm biting myself in my sleep

I dont know why, but im pretty sure im bitting myself in my sleep! I wake up with bite marks on my wrists. Is this a real condition?? What can I do to stop it?

Answer #1

well. it makes sense I was talking to my friends sister and she scratches herself in her sleep so bad it bleeds and I use to go to the bathrrom when I sleep not pee myself but actually go to the toilet

Answer #2

you can either see a doctor, or sleep somwhere where a parent or someone can see you and watch u, so when you try to bite your wrists they can stop u.

Answer #3

Put your arms behind the pillows? I’d rather munch feathers.

Anyways, never heard of anything like this.

Answer #4

Or you could try the horrible tasting stuff you paint on to stop yourself biting your nails - a mouthful of that in your sleep should put you off…

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