5 good reasons for a tongue ring?

I need five good reasons why I should have/get a tongue ring for my mom so I can get one

here are my reasons so far
- Im paying for it
- Its my tongue

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you know all the risks
your going to take care of it
your not just getting it because its "cool"...its something you really WANT
Make sure you know the risks and all before going off and getting one. It's good to be prepared and your mum should appreciate the fact that you spent a bit of time learning about them first.

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it DOES look cool
it's fun to play with
enhances your tongue muscles
you learn to take better care of your mouth

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I dont know about 5 good reasons but I got my tongue pierced about a year ago and I love it.lol..its kinda painful after ya get it pierced for like a week but I love it!!!

White Ring around top of tongue piercing
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it will help you get a better job (no wait, it won't)
it looks cool (no wait, it doesn't)
it will make you unique (no wait, it won't...everyone has them)
it isn't dangerous to your health (except if it gets infected)
it won't do any harm to anyone (except your teeth)

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Ok with the person who said is it goign to help ou get a better job, your full of crap First off you can get jobs if you have piercings its called a retainer for them it is a clear peircing that is invisible when you talk. Also there is no good reason to get one, its just fashion, I did mine becuase I have an oral fixation, I love chewing on things or playing with things in my mouth (dont take that in a nasty sense) but thats why I pierced mine when I was younger

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You dont need you what are you going to do with it. Here are some reason why you don't need one:

yes you paying for it but is it going to get you a better job
what if you tongue gets affected
what are you going to use it for? and dont tell me it looks sexy..
you are still a baby
you have a image and that image that you have also represent your family
so think about those and if you need any more let me now
much love and respect


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Posted by: cleo 10 minutes ago. | delete it

I am not a F**KING baby im fourteen and so what if it look sexy or that... "

Just to answer your comment: Your not an adult so that would make you to be a baby/ teen. Going back to what I said in the my original comments, shape an image for yourself and your family

P.S. I wish you the best and what every decision you make


White bump in front of my tongue ring
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3. itsz something you really want
4.itsz not like itsz all out in the open itsz covered.

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