What do i do if my tongue ring split my tongue a little?

I got my tongue done probably 5 days ago and I guess I pulled it or something and it split a little in the front and the ball of the ring kinda sinks down in my tongue is that bad and will it go away? Or should I just take it out? Annd is it normal for this to happen

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I had the same exact problem, I removed it and still 8 months later(now) my tongue isn’t the way it was it didn’t fully heal
but im not sure if your cut is as bad as mine I would say go to the piercer

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Uhmmm if the ball is sinking down that could potentially be REALLY bad.
Since it's on the top, and gravity is in effect, it probably won't go away easily because of the added pressure, it may split more actually.

I wouldn't just take it out, but I would definitely go see your piercer, and he'll be able to tell you what you should do in this case.
Depending on the severity of your spilt he'll tell you wether it will heal and you can keep it in, or if your risking and in-growth during healing and will need to take it out.

I don't think it's normal to happen. It didn't happen to me or any of my friends that have it... I've heard of the bottom membrane splitting a bit but not of the actual tongue. But I could be wrong... I don't know everyone out there with a tongue piercing haha =P

Anywho Good Luck! =] Hope it works out!

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put all sorts of random inanimate objects (such as a pencil) through the resulting hole and take some amusing pictures for a social site or a social site.

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I know someone this as happened to but it happened to them after about 2 years nt 5 days. Go back to the piercer and ask for their advice.

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