How do I take care of a cat?

Help me. See, my friend is going for a trip with her family. So, she wants me to take care of the kitten we saved. We saved this kitten when we saw it cant move and cant even purr. It’s been 2 months since that saving incident. And, for 2 months, the Kitten, Yoda, lives at my friend’s house as she takes care of it because I can’t.

So, since she needs to go to the trip. She asked my help to take care of it for a day or two. Im worried now since I dont actually know how to take care of a cat. Will yoda acts differently with me?I mean, would it run away as im like a stranger to it? Help me! :( Im scared it will scratch me as it doesn’t know me.

Answer #1

What phrannie said… mine’s ridiculously shy, but she follows people around the house (at a safe distance) when I’m not home.

Dont worry too much. I’d never even pet a cat when I brought mine home. The lady at petco showed me how to hold her (I think she had severe reservations about giving me the cat!). We got along just fine. You leave the cat alone, she’ll come to you. And this might sound stupid, but when I took in a kitten, I would sing to her, like lullabies, because she was so scared. It seemed to calm her down. Or maybe she felt that I was calm so she felt safe. Either way it seemed to work.

Oh and unless you force them to do something, cats are not likely to scratch you… and they’re less likely to scratch strangers unless they feel threatened… (mine’s oh so nice to the vet!)

Answer #2

I see. Thanks guys! I hope I can take care of Yoda for 2 days without anything happening. :) Thanks for all of the advices! Appreciate it! ;)

Answer #3

U can start by spending any free time you have w/the kitten so it knows your smell and scent. Start playing w/it and yeah it mite bite you but it wont hurt. Dont act scared and nervous. Negative energy results in negative reaction. Just be its friend and pretend its your own. It will need to feel loved and supported. Make sure to keep it indoors. Cats usually go to scratch others if they feel they are being threatened or over dominated in some way. I’ve had cats my whole life and not once have they hurt me. I saved them from the humane society at just 7wks old and first couple days they just stayed away from me. I let them come to me and next thing you know, the kitty and me are both watching tv and its teeting on my fingers lol Treat it w/respect and care and love. you will be fine. Dont worry so much.

Answer #4

I would advise leaving the kitten at your friends house as phrannie suggested and stopping in. Cats like this best all you have to do is change it’s litter box and give it fresh food and water. Be careful it doesn’t escape out the door when you enter the house, cats will do things like this when their owner is away.

Cats won’t attack unless you are trying to do something to it that is doesn’t want you to do and you have to handle it first to do that. ;)

Answer #5

Cats don’t like change…that’s a fact…so are you going to bring the kitty to your house, or just stop by your friends house to care for this kitty?? If you’re just stopping in, to make sure it has water and food, if it doesn’t want to be around you, it won’t…It’ll hide till you leave. No need to worry that it’ll scratch or bite you.

Actually, my experience has been that even the shyest cats…if they’re used to having company…will come out of their shells when they get lonely. This might be a great chance for your kitty to get to know YOU…


Answer #6

if you’re scared from her, she will not be your friend and she will treat you as a stranger!! and she’s only staying for a few days! about scratching>> about her food>> about understanding a cat’s body condition>> about her safe home>>

if you have any other questions fun mail me I used to have a kitten she grew up became a cat and she had3 kittens, then I got allergies and dad gave them to other people… so I’ve been through a lotta experience with cats and kittens (bad ones and good ones) hope you don’t try giving her a bath!

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