What hair dye to buy?

can someone please help me figure out which Hair dye to buy??? I want to dye my hair from a Golden blonde (natural color) to a maybe dark brown or light, but I don't want the root thing to happen!

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I've been dying mine and my friends hair for over 7 years. I've experimented with every type of dye out there. I've screwed up my hair a million times, but learned from every experience. I have naturally dark hair, and started out dying it reddish brown, and I usually go from dark brown to light brown, and sometimes black when I'm tan. As for your blonde hair, I highly recommend NOT going too dark. For a first time dye, go no more than two-three shades darker than your natural hair color. Say a very light brown. Two reasons I say this: If you go too dark, you'll look gothic, and you'll probably look very pale. Second, once you dye your hair dark, it's almost impossible to go back to blonde without having to bleach it which is EXTREMELY bad for your hair! After I dye my hair black, it takes me several treatments in order to get it back to a lighter brown. Some good box dyes you can get at any grocery store, wal mart, or drug store. I recommend Loreal Preference, and any Herbal Essences dye. Since your hair is still natural, it might be smarter buying a low or no ammonia formula like Revlon Colorsilk. It's much gentler on your hair. What type of hair do you have? Thick or thin? I have very thick hair and people are surprised my hair hasn't fallen out as many times as I've dyed it. If you have very thin, unhealthy hair, do not dye it often. Only once every two to three months. If you go darker, you will always get the blonde root, its your natural color, no way of getting around it. The darker you go, the more obvious the blonde roots will be. So stick to a light brown and use a Root Touch up whenever your blonde roots start to show (you only dye your roots to match the rest of your hair) p.s. Check out my photos to see pics of my diff hair lengths and colors.

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If your going to dye your hair a completley different colour then the root thing is going to happen anyway. I have brown hair, and dyed pannels of blonde in it but then my roots came in .. so I just dyed my whole head brown again. (: but it might no work in your case as you'd be dying, dyed brown hair blonde again and its harder to go from dark to light, than light to dark..

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yeah I no what you mean...I wud just go to your hairdresser and ask what they suggest. but go to 3-4 hair dressers and see what the most common dye they suggest is. =] I wud go light brown and roots will happen but hair grows slow and most people have a dark root so it shudnt be that bad just re dye it =]

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I would if I was alowed to die my hair a chocolate colour why dont you all so get like a hair dresser to do you hair profesionally

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