How to take a pregnancy test without my mom knowing?

ok so like I had sex a month ago and ever since then my stomach hurts every single day... I have headaches, more hungry.. and I dont know if im preggo I cant get a pregnancy test cause my mom is always around!!! what should I do???

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go to the health department, its free and if you are pregnant you can get free health services and suggestions on how to tell the parents. Furthermore, it sounds like you may need some education on safe sex and the health department will be able to provide you with this and forms of birth control. They are confidential and will not disclose any of your information to anyone not even your parents, they don't ever have to know you were there. You may want to go there instead of school one day and as long as you ask the nurse for a note, the school will count it as an excused absence, you may want to explain to the school the day before that you have a doctors appointment and will be late coming in so that they don't call your parents, and tell them you will be bringing back a note.

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If you suspect a pregnancy then you need to get a pregnancy test... Ignoring it isn't going to change whether you're pregnant or not.

You can either tell your mom and have her freak out and get a pregnancy test. If it's negative you will have yelled "FIRE" for nothing.

Or sneak to get one on your own(maybe the guy that got you pregnant can step up to the plate and get you a pregnancy test.). If it's positive you'll have to tell your mom of course so you can start prenatal care. But if it's negative... then it will be a lesson well learned.

You need to find out ASAP however. In case you are pregnant, you need to start prenatal care for a healthy pregnancy.

If you're not pregnant... please use protection in the future. I suggest you go on birth control. Which is worse... asking your mom if you can go on birth control or asking your mom if she can help raise a baby?


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you should get some one that you trust the most and ask them could they get you one and their you go... trust me I did this before I told then and I found out that I was going to have my son my senior year

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Go when you're mom's not home.
Bring it home, maybe in your pocket or something.
The next time you take a shower, take the test.
That'll give you plenty of time to do it.
Throw it away promptly after and make sure she won't see it in the trash.

That's how my friend did it.

Or if the guy was your boyfriend, do it at his house.


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walk to the nearest drug store ... buy the test ... ask to use the bathroom... and take the test... then put it in the trash when your done... no one has to know but you... make up some dumb excuse to go back in a store when you leave tell her you need tampons or something .. then go in your self...

but seriously.. you need to tell her about it. I would be upset with my daughter if she didnt tell me =( no matter how old she is

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if you can, tell a close friend. just go to a drug store and buy a pregnancy test.. if you don't want to buy it, ask a friend too. definately do not be embarassed. I worked in a drug store for many years and chances are the lady who's ringing up your sale has gone through the same thing as you (being embarassed to buy something).

then go to a friends house and take it. you definately will feel much better if you have someone you can trust to be there for support.

best of luck. and its better to take the test now then to wait.

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yes, it sounds like your pregnant
well she cant have her eyes on you every minute of the day, so when you can (preferably VERY soon) go to a pharmacy, or doctor or place and ask them for one...
once you get one (because that should be your number one priority right need to get one) youll find out
if you are youll then need to decide what to do, dont let anyone else influence you about your decisions, just try and do whats best for you

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yes!! we didnt use a condom!! and he came in me

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waz it unprotected?

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do you get yor period?

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