Taming my curly hair?

I have really curly hair. Whenever I get out of the shower it is fine but when it drys up it is really poofy and I am tired of wearing it in a ponytail. I want like a miley cyrus curl. What should I do. Help

Answer #1

ok first off don’t use any products that say they are for curly hair, it doesn’t work its for those people who have wavy hair but want to make it more curly. but anyways when your in the shower you put the conditioner in and then comb through then wash out. when you out of the shower put in leave-in conditioner and a mousse (I use redken leave in and got 2 be style-tini mousse or got 2 be kinky mousse) and don’t touch it when its dry or it will poof up. unfortunetly I think miley cyrus’s curls are a body wave perm. or maybe shes just born with it, there’s different types of curls

Answer #2

I am in the same sittuation as you! Once you get out of the shoer/bath and have washed your hair… towle dry it, so that it isnt drippin wet. and then put some conditioner in it..not on the roots though! rub about 3-walnut-sized amounts into your hair and let it dry…and see for your self!

funmail me to tell me how it goes! :)

Answer #3

use tigi catwalk curls rock,apply to towel dried hair and leave to dry naturally also try twisting your hair in inch thick sections and it will dry in ringlets

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