I'm 15 and I want to havw sex what do I do?

I’m 15 and I want to havw sex what do I do?

Answer #1

why dont you wait till that someone comes along that it just so happens that you like one another. I promice if you go that route then you are garenteed to have sex and it will mean something to you and your partner. dont be stuped and get into bed with any tom dick or harry. thats where std`s and hiv comes from. dont mess up your live be smart. pooeace out and be safe

Answer #2

Heres a question back at you…why do you want to have sex?

Answer #3

What is wrong with someone to suggest “going to parties and acting drunk” to a 15 year old who wants to have sex?

Is that what you did? If so, how’s the herpes? I would strongly recommend never giving that piece of advice out to someone.

Answer #4

You being a girl, it should be a little easier to have sex. If you just want sex with no strings the best way to go about it would be to go to parties. When you are at a party, drink something, you do not want to get drunk but at least act like it. Then make yourself available for guys, act really drunk and tell them you want to be alone with them, find a room and let it happen. Now if you want to have sex with strings, get a boyfriend, date him and then tell him you want to have sex, he will be overjoyed by the thought. I would suggest getting a boyfriend, the sex will better, trust me.

Answer #5

Masturbation helps in abstaining from sex. Don’t actually have sex until you find someone you love enough to let them that far. Remember that all things sexual should not be done solely for the physical pleasure. Sexual things should only be used as an extension of love for another. A transcending feeling that even if they do this with you, they love you for you, not the action itself. So yes, masturbation until you find the one you truly love. Plus, it’s healthy for a young woman your age to do such things. Hormones being released and whatnot when you achieve an orgasm. Very healthy and natural.

Answer #6

Go to girl.com

its a GREAT wedsite!!!

Answer #7

if you feel you’re ready then do but if you’re unsure dont and if you’re doing it for a partner then don’t x

Answer #8

im 10 want to havw butts3cks wit jew

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