Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm

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no you cant. you also can not get pregnant from anal sex. the onlyway you can get pregnant is if sperm enters the vagina

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No, you can't.

Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm?

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Not a chance

Can you get pregnant from swallowing?
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I had oral sex too and right now I am 2 weeks pregnant...

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Pre cum and cum

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no, you should know this if you sexually active
your mouth is not connected to your vagina
a sex ed class or common sense should teach you this
your sexual oprgans arnt connected to your mouth
so noo
before you have sex though, or have oral sex, stop
and take some time to learn about both his and your own reproductive system
as well as
pregnancy, sti/stds, birth control and contracpetion
also you can get an std from oral sex if he has one
and you need to know this
learn about it first
then when you know what your doing and what the consequences are, do it if you want
but dont just suck a guy off and worry about getting pregnant over it
if you dont know that then your not ready to have oral sex or sex
take some time to learn the facts

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Abosulely not - I would suggest studying and learning more about the female and male body before you decide to become sexually active with anyone seeing as how you don't understand reproduction.

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No you can not get pregnant from anal sex - only if his sperm leak down and get into your vagina. Although during Anal you are supposed to be wearing a condom because of bacteria anyways.

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