What do I take to the hospital when I go into labor?

im 16 an I need help how to plane a small baby shower what I need things I need for my baby..im not sure/ an what to bring to the hospital when labor time come

Answer #1

You will need: Baby wipes, diapers, bottles, burp clothes, bibs, at least 7 onesies, baby blankets (about 5, they do like to spit up on them), bottle brush, if you’re breastfeeding then you should think about a pump, enough clothes for 2 weeks (again they spit up on everything), baby swing (babies like to take naps in them), car seat, stroller, crib, changing table, pack n’play (if you get one of these then you might not need a changing table), coats (depending on when you have the baby), hats, socks, pacifiers, wash cloths, baby bath tub (of course the kitchen sink works really well too), baby soap and shampoo, moisturizer (their skin gets really dry), I’m trying to think of more stuff, if I come up with anything else, I’ll put it on here.

You can do without the bottle warmers (you’re told not to use the microwave but it would work as long as you shake the bottle really good and let it sit for a little while after). If you’re going to use bottles though try not to warm them because then if you go somewhere and the baby always drinks it warm she’ll really not want it if you can’t warm it. Wipe warmers are nice ( I had one) but I really didn’t use it.

Oh, get a baby boppie, one of those u-shaped pillows they help the baby learn to sit up (and if you’re breastfeeding it helps to get the baby in the correct position), baby thermometer (this would be an anal one, that’s the temperature the doctor’s want to know), did I say stroller?, some kind of diaper pail (I had a diaper Genie and hated it), if you’re going to take out the trash everyday just use a normal trash can, baby monitor (my kids still have them in their rooms).

Any questions about anything, you can FunMail me at colethky. I had 3 kids in 3 years, so hopefully I’ll be able to help

As for at the hospital, you will need one outfit for the baby, they should provide you with a pack of diapers, you will also need to take a car seat (the baby can not leave the hospital without one). As for you, take clothes and pajamas (ones that you won’t care if blood gets on them). Socks (your feet will get really cold). Any personal items for a shower (make sure you get some pads for after you have the baby). Anything that will make you feel comfortable. And the best advice that I ever got was to keep the baby in the nursery overnight (they don’t eat a lot anyway when they’re only a day old) that way you can sleep because when you get home you won’t be able to.

Good luck!!! and Congratulations

Answer #2

You will need, for the baby diapers, wipes, bottles, you can ake lotion, bibs, baby blanket, car seat, socks, baby hat because they get cold really easy. Also baby soap and shampoo. For you, you will need towels, and a robe would be a good idea!

Answer #3

when labour comes, bring things you need, like a towel, pajamas, set of clothes. if everything goes okay you wont be in there long.

Answer #4

go to a store and get a registry. when you send out invites, make sure you include on them that you have a registry at that store.

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