My boyfriend was refused bail and is in jail

Can someone help me My boyfriend was under the influence of a lot of drugs with a older mate of his. His mate drove him 2 a sex shop while he waited in the car my boyfriend had to go in and grab the til. He had a knife but didnt hold it against the shop keeper. He took the till and punched the guy as a defence. Ran into the car and my boyfriend and his mate drove of. They both split the money and made there own ways home. The next day my boyfriend’s mate got taken into the police becuase the number plates of his car were traced. My bfs mate blamed everythng on my boyfriend and pretented he was surprised that my boyfriend did what he did. My boyfriend had a hr 2 hand him self in, so he did. Now his mate is at home and my boyfriend was refused bail and is in jail. He hasnt been sentenced yet. It was his 1st offence never been in trouble with police., but has a drug addiction problem. How long will he go down for?

Answer #1

if he was not trying to be a big bad boy he would be at home he had done wrong and it right to be where he is weather his mate blamed it all on him or not he still took part

Answer #2

There are a lot of variables here, so it’s difficult to give you a direct answer.

The judge will look at his history, as well as the factors surrounding the incident. He’s not trying to fight it, which is good, so his lawyer will most likely try to get him a reduced sentence, and he’ll most likely be ordered to rehab.

He really needs to make sure his ‘friend’ gets his own due as well, though - he’s an accomplice (even better if your boyfriend can convince the judge he’s actually the mastermind). He needs to take his punishment too.

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