How can I stop being ashamed of my body?

I just graduated high school. I was always overweight and I never thought that I was pretty. my senior year a lost a significant amount of weight. people from my past didn’t recognize me when they saw me. I still feel fat and ugly. some customers at my job, I work in an office, tell me how beautiful I am. but when I look in the mirror, I hate what I see, fat and ugly. I cant even live a normal life because I am so ashamed of my body. I hate myself, please help me!!!

Answer #1

Losing weight is a process of changing bad habits. One of the bad habits that most overweight people have is putting themselves down. It becomes so much of a habit that you don’t even realize that you are doing it. I know, I’ve been there. We spend so much time being told by the media that we are not worthy if we don’t wear a size 2 that we begin to believe it. Like any habit, bad self-esteem is hard one to break. I had someone challenge me to looking in the mirror once a day and finding one good quality about myself. Eventually I was able to look in that mirror and see what a wonderful and beautiful person I was no matter what I weighed.

Give it a try. Look in that mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Find one thing a day that you like about yourself and celebrate that one thing in some small way. You like the way your hands look, get a manicure. You have good skin, go get some good smelling lotion. Bright and pretty eyes, get some new eyeliner. Little things like this can make you feel better in so many ways.

Answer #2

I’ve had the same problem, and my freshman year of high school I also lost a significant amount of weight. What you have to do is, start loving yourself. This is the body god gave you, so love it! Your curves are beautiful, and not everyone would look good as a barbie doll. Hating yourself just makes things worse. Look in the mirror, and instead of pointing out flaws, point out your perfections, and dont say there isnt any! Because trust me, on every woman, there are =] Tell yourself that you’re beautiful, and mean it =] Because no one can really help you, but you =] Do things that make you fel beautiful, and if some people dont htink that you’re beautiful, dont listen to them, everyone has their own opinions! Every woman is gorgeous in her own way, and none of us have to look like supermodels or actresses to be absolutely Gorgeous =]

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