Why does he always want to do this?

Every time me and mii fren are together he eventually tries to finger me. Why is this? Does he truly like it or is he trying to please me? boys please respond. girls you can too.

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some guys like touching other girls just because they like how it feels, but sometimes they do it just to please their girlfriends. Ask him if he has more than just friendly feelings for you, and ask him why he fingers u. If he truly likes fingering you, and you actually like it, go ahead and go out w/ him.

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Do you even have a clue what friends with benefits is all about? He only sees you as an object, not as a person. He does what he wants, when HE wants it. How can you even feel good about yourself letting some horny boy get his kicks off you? Get some self respect, or every boy will only see you as an easy target to get what he wants!

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why would you let someone who you said is just your friend finger u...friends dont do that to friends...if he was your boyfriend then I guess he would be trying to please you but he is not so that situation is jus wrong...u need to put an end to that...

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Hes USING you because you keep letting him! I can tell by all your other threads that you dont value your body whatsoever! If you actually get in a commited relationship, you might not look so easy.

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Well he likes pleasing you so I guess both. Oh yeah, and why is your friend trying to finger you? Wouldn't it be your boyfriend because that's a little over the normal boundaries. I've always enjoyed fingering just because it feels taboo.

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why don't you ask this guy why he is doing this?
if you feel embarrassed to come right out and ask him, e mail him or text him, he might have more than friendly feelings for you, or for whatever reason, he might just like pleasuring girls, but if you find this uncomfortable and he doesnt have more tan friendly feelings towards you, make it clear to him that your friends, and as far as I've ever known, friends do not finger eachother or what not

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well I know, he's my special friend with benifits. I just want to know is he trying to pleez me or hisself.

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