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What's this thin tissue that came out with my period?

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Hi, Im really worried because somthing weird happen to me that has never happen before. Im taking birth control pills (YAZ) and im usually pretty good with taking them on time but every once in a while I screw up. Like this week I missed a pill and took it along with the next days pill later than my usual 3o'clock time schedule. So there was some bleeding which didnt worry me cause that can happen from time to time, ecspiecially with a missed pill And also being just a few days away from my actually period. There wasnt just some blood spotting tho? there was also some weird discharge,when looking it up online I think it may have been some tissue.It looked like a very thin slimy piece if skin or somthing that came out along with the blood spotting... What is it?? Im very confused PLEASE help me!!!