What's the average weight for a 14-year-old at 5'7''?

I am 5ft 7. I have a size 10 shoe. I am 14 years old. What should the average weight be?

Answer #1

maybe around 150 but i guess it depends on how your built, if you have muscle it could be more, if your skinny is could be less, as long as your healthy

Answer #2

Weight does not go by age, but by your height, you can probably get a weight chart online if you google it. I would say probably 130-160 if you are a male and 120-140 if you are a female. But I am not an expert, so go check it out on a search engine. Also there can be many variables about weight, if you feel good and you look good then you should be alright. If you look to yourself like you are overweight then you should talk to your parents and ask them if they think that you should go on a diet or not.

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