what I can do to keep my face clear and healthy.

My face gets all red and I have acne. I was wondering what I can do to keep my face clear and healthy.

Answer #1

well I her that my guy cousin uses proactive and that works but also you need to change your pillow case often and not touch your face.

Answer #2

Guys’ skins are different to female skins so you wouldn’t need to cleanse, tone then moisturiser daily or need to apply these 3 beauty routines.

Since you have acne, I don’t suggest rubbing or cleaning your face too excessively as this will increase your acne more… Stripping your natural facial oil will make things worse.

You could try using Nivea For Men, they are really affordable and if you find you don’t like the products after buying them, it’s not going to burn a hole in your wallet.

My baby brother is really vain and he uses Nivea for Men, he only uses the Double Action – Cleanser and doesn’t apply moisturiser afterwards. Aiden’s quite girly when it comes to his face looking spotless. :)

Answer #3

clean and clear :D

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