What can I do to get my face to be clear and nice?

I’m 14.My face looks really bad right now. It is filled with scars, pimples, scabs from pimples and black heads. I’ve tried really hard to stop picking at my face it’s hard. My face gets really dry in the winter and really oily in the summer I don’t know what to do I’ve tried many skin care treatments but nothing has really worked for me

Answer #1

Buy silicia tablets (at a health food store or pharmacy) & zinc tablets, and take them every day. Don’t pick at spots & use products that are not too harsh on the skin. Using a whole heap of products that target acne can make it worse as each one fights to dry out the spot - meaning you end up with skin that is so dry it overcompensates by producing more oil than you need meaning more spots.

Answer #2

try and go see a dermatologist…I did and the medicine she gave me has helped SO much. if you can’t just try and keep your face clean and when you wear make-up, wear one that has salicylic acid in it to keep you from breaking out good luck

Answer #3

try eating healthy. I use to have a lot of little pimples on my face but since I’ve been eating healthy it’s pretty much gone. :) and eat less sugar. Wash your face daily too.

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